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14 July 2016 - Update
Some links have been removed.

22 November 2013 - Magnus Carlsen is World Champion!
Today Magnus Carlsen collected the necessary 6.5 points to win the FIDE World Chess Championship match against Viswanathan Anand in Chennai, India. Congratulations! You can find photos, games and reports on e.g. Article 1 and Article 2.

2 April 2013 - Magnus Carlsen is the next World Championship Challenger
Magnus Carlsen won the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship 2013 in London! It was the strongest tournament of its kind in chess history and it is one of the greatest wins of Magnus so far. As a World Championship Challenger Magnus earned the right to challenge Viswanathan Anand for the World Championship title. For more information check out the Chessbase candidates recap article (with table and pictures) and the offical tournament website.

6 March 2011 - Tournament added to the archive
The tournaments (statistics, PGN-files, games viewer) of the year 2006 have been added to the Tournaments section.

5 March 2011 - Amber Tournament 2011
The next tournament of Magnus will be the 20th and final Amber Tournament in Monaco March 11th-25th 2011! This 20th Amber tournament will be the final edition of an event unparalleled in the history of chess. In this final jubilee edition the following grandmasters will take part: World Champion Viswanathan Anand (India), Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Levon Aronian (Armenia), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria), Alexander Grischuk (Russia), Vasily Ivanchuk (Ukraine), Sergey Karjakin (Russia), Boris Gelfand (Israel), Hikaru Nakamura (United States), Vugar Gashimov (Azerbaijan) and Anish Giri (The Netherlands). The total prize-fund is 227,000 Euros!
Offical tournament page: Amber Tournament 2011.

4 March 2011 - New Games added
The latest tournaments of Magnus have been added to the Tournaments and the All Games section. You can replay all games in your browser.

6 November 2010 - Comparison between Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen
This article gives a rating and world ranking comparison between Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen. The world ranking can be easily compared, but a rating comparison is difficult due to the rating inflation. In this article a schmea is used to adapted rating from older ratings lits to the ratings of the year 2010. The interpretation of the data is up to you!
Elo rating comparison between Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen.

4 November 2010 - World Blitz Championship 2010
After winning the Nanjing Super-GM tournament a full point ahead of Vishy Anand, Magnus Carlsen's next tournament will be the World Blitz Championship 2010 (15 - 16 November) following the Tal Memorial 2010 (without Magnus) in Moscow! And a quick update note on this site: The Tournament-section now contains his games from Nanjing and you can replay them online.

28 October 2010 - Update
As you know at the moment Magnus is playing in the Nanjing tournament. After seven of ten round he is leading with 5 points and a 2914 rating performance! Anand and Bacrot are one point behind him, so the last three rounds will be exciting. You can follow the live games at the website of the tournament: Nanjing Pearl Spring Chess Tournament (Live Broadcast).

16 October 2010 - Update
The Bilbao Final Masters Tournament has been added to the 'Tournament'-section with rating performance and games. With a 2718 performance is was not such a bad tournament for Magnus. Losing two games against Anand and Kramnik can happen to everyone and we hope in the Nanjing Pearl Spring Chess Tournament Carlsen will show that he is in good shape.

14 October 2010 - Tournament Updates
The 'Tournament' and the 'All Games' sections on this page have been updated so they now include the latest games of Magnus Carlsen. At the moment Magnus is playing in the Bilbao Final Masters 2010 (9-15 October 2010) and shortly after that tournament he will play in the Nanjing Pearl Spring Chess Tournament (18-30 October 2010).

9 October 2010 - Bilbao Final Masters 2010
The 3rd Final of the Masters of Grand Slam Chess has become the highest-level tournament in the history of the discipline, with four players taking part. In the final this year are Viswanathan Anand, current world champion and world number two; Magnus Carlsen, winner of the Wijk aan Zee, Nanking and Bazna tournaments and current world number one; Alexei Shirov, best Spanish player and ranked tenth in the world; and Vladimir Kramnik, world number five.
Official tournament page:

28 August 2010 - Arctic Securities Chess Stars Tournament
This double round robin rapid chess event is taking place in Kristiansund, Norway (28 to 30 August 2010). The four players include reigning World Champion Vishy Anand, the world's strongest male and female players (Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar) and Norwegian talent Jon Ludvig Hammer. The rounds start at 14:30 CEST. Watch Anand, Carlsen, Polgar and Hammer live on web-tv (NRK). Pictures, pairings and schedules you will find on the offical tournament page (KSK).

25 July 2010 - Tournament section updated
The tournament section has been updated. All of Magnus Carlsens tournaments in 2007 with results, performances and PGN files are now included. You can replay all his tournament games in your browser.
Tournaments of Magnus Carlsen.

12 July 2010 - Next tournament of Magnus Carlsen
Just a quick update: The next chess tournament of Magnus is a rapid tournament in Kristiansund, Norway, from 28 till 30 August 2010. The players will be Magnus Carlsen, Judith Polgar, Vishy Anand and Jon Ludvig Hammer.
Tournament page in Norwegian (Google translation).

10 July 2010 - Magnus Carlsen vs. Anish Giri
Anish Giri is another promising young player, who many consider to be a future challenger of Magnus Carlsen. The following link shows a rating comparison between Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri and based on this you can draw your own conclusions: Rating comparison.

7 July 2010 - G-STAR organizes RAW World Chess Challenge
On September 10th, 2010, G-Star travels to the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City to host a global chess competition: The RAW World Chess Challenge. Chess icon Garry Kasparov will participate as the official ambassador of this world-wide challenge. Everyone in the world is invited to play Magnus Carlsen, the no.1 chess player in the world and G-Star's new Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign model, together at once, live on the internet.
Get more info on the RAW World Chess Challenge here.

5 July 2010 - Fansite online!
Welcome to this new fansite of Magnus Carlsen! We hope you like this site and over the next weeks we will add more content! If you have any suggestions concerning this page or information about Magnus Carlsen let us know!